Wednesday, February 15, 2006


As my post directly below points out, a trigger-happy and inattentive Dick Cheney shooting a friend instead of a bird is just too easy a target for satire. Almost as easy a target as an old friend standing at point-blank range. (See how easy that was?) And, since nobody's died, the shooting is a lot less depressing subject than the war that it symbolizes.

But, unless somebody who was there claims that Cheney did it deliberately or negligently, it's not really important. It's just an accident, albeit an embarrassing and illustrative one.

On the other hand, Scooter Libby's claim that Cheney instructed him to reveal classified military information in order to discredit critics of the administration's handling of pre-war weapons intelligence IS important. Very important. If Libby's telling the truth, the Vice President of the United States jeopardized national security to run a political smear campaign. That's not only illegal and indictable, it's impeachable.


At 3:28 PM , Blogger Jon E. said...

Remember all the right-wing conspiracy theory when Vernon Jordan shot himself during the Whitewater investigation? Can you imagine what Republicans in Congress would've said if Clinton or Gore had accidentally peppered James Carville with birdshot? The mind boggles.

Oh, and one last snide shooting comment (so hard to resist these): The members of five separate platoons turn out to have been lucky that Cheney took five separate deferments during the Vietnam War. Birdshot is bad enough. 5.56 mm bullets from an M-16 would have been worse.


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