Friday, February 10, 2006

Scooter's Super Strategy

Scooter Libby just told a federal grand jury that VP Dick Cheney and "White House superiors" authorized him to leak classified information to journalists--including, it appears, Valerie Plame's identity--in order to bolster the Administration's case for going to war.

I love that the new Bush administration defense for breaking the law is cheerfully admitting that they broke the law. After all, people don't cheerfully admit doing something wrong, so if you cheerfully admit that you broke the law, breaking the law can't be wrong, right? And since we all know that breaking the law is wrong, if what you did wasn't wrong, you couldn't have broken the law.

So, muggers, take note and try this defense: "(cheerfully) Yes, of course I took his walker and hit him with it until he gave me his wallet. (indignantly) And let me tell you something, Mr. High and Mighty D.A., I resent being accused of assault and battery."


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