Friday, January 27, 2006

A Present Nuclear Threat in The Middle East

Right now, while people waste breath worrying about Iran going nuclear, there is a Middle Eastern dictatorship that has demonstrated that it has nuclear weapons.

And yet...

Nobody in our government seems to concerned about the well-established nuclear power in Pakistan.

Though, if you think about it, the country is under such tenuous control that it's dictator constantly fears being assassinated and despite that dictator's promises to help us catch Osama bin Laden, locals within his country have actually kept him out of our grasp.

When we went into Iraq, it seemed off that we were worried about WMD's there when we thought, fairly surely, that it was North Korea that really had them. Now, we're talking about how to deal with Iran when Pakistan is the country with nukes, the country so out of control that Osama can hide there and, as things stand, the country we consider our friend.

Not saying the Iran issue isn't important, it is. But it does seem like, over the last half decade, that we've always been looking at the wrong countries, despite obvious evidence that should turn our gaze elsewhere.


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