Friday, February 03, 2006

Sheesh, Bush ALWAYS offends me!

Anyone who knows me well, or even a little, knows that I love mythology, especially Greek mythology. Heck, I have tattoos of Artemis, Athene, Dionysus, Apollo and Hermes.

So, I took special offense to Bush's call for a ban on "human/animal hybrids."

What about the Centaurs, Mr. Bush? The Mermaids? The racy, form-changing, animalistic sex that might Zeus enjoys with nymphs of loose morals?

I hope you never meet poor Medusa and her head of snakes, Mr. Bush, because she'll totally get you stoned!

Okay, this was a pointless post, but sometimes I can't keep my mythology jokes to myself.

Am on Forbes on Fox tomorrow, if you're up an watching Fox News on a Saturday. The topic is, "Give big oil companies a tax cut!" My position is... no.

My other position is... Equal rights for harpies!


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