Saturday, September 03, 2005

Yay, the Media is Finally Mad!

It certainly took long enough. Over at Slate, media cokumnist Jack Shafer has a great rundown on the TV news personalities who have pretty much lost it with guests who go on their programs to apologize for the government's response to the New Orleans flood.

For once, the talking heads, who darned well know spin when they hear it but uually let it slide, are demanding better from the governors and Senators and government employees who drop in to calm an angry public. In this case, the lies are too big to let slide. The guest says nobody expected the city to flood. But the host just an hour ago interviewed Professor "This city's gonna flood someday" from Tulane. The guest says that the government workers are brave and doing the best they can. The host says, "Sure, but where were they three days ago?"

This morning, with air lifts finally getting people out of the city, CNN's Miles O'Brien keeps saying, "It looks like we've turned a corner." But he's still so angry that he can't help but point out that it's a corner we should have turned days ago.

Now, the guests are trying a new tactic. They all seem to be saying, "There'll be plenty of time to assess the blame later." Uh, no. a GAO report and some Senate hearings in a few months or a year is not sufficient. Holding the government accountable later, when this is no longer the country's top story, is the same as letting them off the hook.

It's nice to see the media actually take issue with the government. But, to echo Miles O'Brien... it's a little late to be turning this corner, folks. If you'd been acting like this in 2002, half of the National Guard forces needed in New Orleans wouldn't be in Iraq right now.


At 2:25 PM , Blogger Missy said...

If you haven't had a chance - you should hear the stark raving rant from mayor Ray Nagin. I give him a lot of credit for cutting through the bullshit. He had it with the government red tape and hearing the line "help is on the way...." And today I read an article that people are criticizing the man because he is still in New Orleans and not in Baton Rouge like the rest of the government but if he wasn't at ground zero he wouldn't know what a fucked up job the feds were doing. The line about not anticipating the break in the levy system is absolute bullshit! Anyone who has lived in New Orleans through even one hurricane season knew that was the city's achilles heal. In fact the paper has an annual article about the nightmare of the big one hitting - which exactly predicted the events that unfolded before the nation's horrified eyes. The city followed their emergency plan but the feds and the army corps of engineers just had their dicks in their hands when it was time to kick it into gear. Sorry for the rant - it's been more than a frustrating couple of days to see your former home burn down in flames and anarchy.

At 8:38 PM , Blogger Mike M. said...

I'm glad to see you posting here, Missy. I know your connection to New Orleans is deeper than mine, but it is an important city to me. Your husband helped me grow up by taking me there, after all. You and your husband kept me there for a week once, too. I've always had a blast there and have always loved everyone I met.

I owe you a phone call and will try tommorrow. Lena Ray is gorgeous.


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