Friday, August 19, 2005

Stranger Than Fiction

Some of you know that I write a little fiction, too.

So, an exercise. Imagine I invented this character and that our President never existed:

A man, born to wealth in Connecticut, moves to Texas, joins the oil business. At a time where west Texas is full of millionaires finding black gold, our hero finds... nothing. His company nearly goes under. But, his Dad is head of the CIA and, later, Vice President. To curry favor with his dad, strangers bail our hero out, they buy his company and put him on the board. When the new company starts to fail, benefactors from Saudi Arabia show up. Oh, I forgot to mention, our hero might have died in Viet Nam had not many benefactors helped him from ever seeing combat or even, completing his service. Also, he's a drinker and coke snorter. He's a fun guy to party with, no doubt. He runs for congress and loses big time. Later, he runs for governor and wins, in the process, accusing his opponent of being a lesbian. He does little as governor. He runs for President. He loses the popular vote but wins the electoral college. The state that threw the election his way... was a state where his brother was governor and appointed the attorney general, who made he final decision. Sure, there was a fight in the Supreme Court, but his father, who had been President, appointed some of the Justices there. He becomes President. He does nothing. America is attacked. He declares war on the attackers and then declares war on people who have the same skin tone as the attackers. Here, he screwed up. The nation, which was never solidly behind the second war, starts to turn on the President. A woman who's son died in the war stages a protest outside his ranch where our hero is taking a five week vacation. He refuses to meet with her. This does not make him look good... But the woman protesting... her mother has a stroke! She has to leave! He's off the hook!

Is this a believable character?

If so, my title is...

"Luck Is Better Than..."


At 10:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god can I play the Lesbian terrorist who blows up the ranch just for kicks. Can I say "Lesbian terrorist" in this blog? Wait I think someone is knocking at my door...

At 9:02 AM , Blogger Mike M. said...

The phrase "lesbian terrorist" is welcome here.

At 2:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Illuminatus! Trilogy anyone? RAW spoke of this scenario nearly six years as we sat on his patio in Capitola and smooked his prescrition. This is good stuff, buddy. Very good stuff.

At 2:07 PM , Blogger Mike M. said...



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