Friday, August 26, 2005

But bigotry against bigotry is... bigotry!

Nice post here on The Light of Reason about a favorite rhetorical technique of the right. If you call any of their policies or writings racist or sexist or homophobic, you're just being a bigot, trying to shut down the debate, whatever. This has been going on for a long time and was key to the PC wars, of course.

They use the argument because people buy it.

Which makes me think that people are still not mentally 12 years old yet. Because, when you're about 12, that's when you start to think about the word "discrimination" and you realize that discrimination against some things like race, gender and sexual preference is bad but that discrimination against other things like racists and driving off cliffs is pretty useful. When you're freaking 12, this double edged sword seems really important. Oh my, you think, the world is so complicated! Then you freaking grow up and get over it. Damn it.


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