Thursday, September 01, 2005

Please Remember This

A group of Democrat congressional reps have vowed to put forward a bill that will exempt New Orleans residents from the harsh provisions of the recent change to our bankruptcy laws. This is the right thing to do, since many of our fellow citizens will now face new obligations through no fault of their own. Any member of congress who opposes this, regardless of parties, should be held in the highest contempt.

Here's the problem. They have to introduce the bill now, to help those in need. But, if it fails, the bankruptcies won't happen for months, or maybe even years. If this bill fails, every New Orleans bankruptcy should be noted with the line, "some members of government tried to help, but their suggestion was rejected." The news cycle being what it is, that won't happen. So, remember, if this bill fails, that some people tried to do the right thing and point it out whenever the topic is raised.


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