Sunday, June 22, 2008

Clear All Cookies

Cindy McCain has stirred up controversy recently because when asked for a family cookie recipes, she offered up one taken from Rachel Ray's website. Then, when asked on a later occasion for a favorite recipe, she borrowed one from and said it was from a friend.

On one level, this is a little embarrassing, not so much for the plagiarism but because it seems to reinforce the idea that the McCains are as old as the their detractors say--nobody under the age of 40 thinks that you can successfully plagiarize from websites that come up on the first page of Google hits.

Mostly, though, I hope she keeps doing this. I remember when Hillary Clinton had to go through this as a prospective first lady. Two or three more times and it will be hilarious performance art. It might even keep magazines from feeling like they have the obligation or right to ask first spouses for recipe tips.

Seriously, who cares what cookies the first spouses make? At this point, presidential candidates are likely to be married to men or women who don't spend much time baking. Accept it and move along.

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