Sunday, April 06, 2008

A New Blog That You MUST read!

I've just been tipped off to the fact that John McCain's best friend of 847 years is now blogging from Scottsdale, Arizona! Check it out!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bowling? Wha?

So Barack Obama isn't a great bowler.

Chris Matthews makes an ass out of himself over it, of course. But people are really taking the "Barack Obama isn't a great bowler" story seriously. As if it says something about the guy.

It's 2008. Do any of us even know anyone who bowls regularly? If somebody came up to me right now and said "Let's go bowling!" I am absolutely sure I would suggest some other activity. Maybe any other activity.

Chris Matthews seems to equate bowling with manliness. So this just falls into that category of stuff they make male Democrats do when they run for president -- I hope that Obama doesn't feel the need to eat food that he doesn't like or to hunt for animals that he doesn't particularly want to kill just to prove his manliness to Chris Matthews.

And Chris... you're a doughboy. You need to get to the gym before you talk about anyone else's manly qualities. I got an idea -- you and me in a public boxing match. I say you wind up cowering with your face behind your gloves within the first minute and that you'll never bring up the "who's manly" question in public again.

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