Friday, January 16, 2009

Channeling David Rees

So I just got this rejection e-mail for a novel query, LOL. It's unchanged except for removal of proper names to protect the awesome:

thank you for your query, but we are not interested.

firstname lastname
some agency

LOL, are they bringing the rejection pretty hard here or are they bringing it even harder? Is this rejection form more cutting edge than ginsu knives in space because they don't even capitalize and because they wish me peace after the literary equivalent of paying their little brother fifty cents to ignore me because they're too busy to do it themselves? LOL. Is the only thing better than form e-mail rejection a form e-mail rejection texted into a cell phone by a fourteen-year-old? LOL, this sure raises the dignity level for everybody involved to like the dignity penthouse of one of those super tall Shanghai skyscrapers of tomorrow.

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