Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh My God, Terrorists Attacking Fort Blix!


Let me just go out on a limb here.

They're a bunch of losers with no international support or military training who bought some guns and went out into the forest waving them around, screaming about Jihad and they're so dumb they taped themselves doing it and then brought the tape in to a store to have it transferred to DVD. If one of them ever shot at you the safest place to stand would be right in front of them because they can't aim.

They're not members of Al-Qaeda and couldn't put a phone call into a real member of Al-Qaeda if they wanted to.

Though you have to take it seriously because they have real weapons, they're really just a step or two up from kids running around with sticks that look like guns and yelling "Cobraaaaaaa!"

If the G.I. Joe cartoons were real, General Hawk or Quick Kick or somebody would have just told them that pretending to be a terrorist isn't cool and ended the lecture with "And that's one to grow on." Or something.

Okay, enough about the fake terrorists. The media should leave apologetic comments on this blog when they realize that I'm right.


At 9:46 AM , Anonymous All said...

Baht hau kahm I got yor post on ze top of mai Goooogl inkwaeri?

Guud blog, zsough.


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