Monday, April 30, 2007

Look Who's Whining

Joe Lieberman whined today that bloggers are mean during an American Enterprise Institute about how to restore "civility in American politics."

Give me a fucking break.

You know what, Joe? If you want me to be civil then don't unapologetically support unnecessary wars.

Also, you're national leader. It's time to man up a bit. You're basically just angry that an online campaign cost you the Connecticut primary last year. You're a sore loser. Which is funny because that's what the Republicans called you in 2000 and I didn't listen to them. I guess they were right about your character even if they were wrong about the facts of the 2000 presidential elections. Now Republicans are, by your own admission, the people who sent you back to the Senate.

You say that the public is "fed up" with partisan politics. Not really. There's no reason at all for anyone to believe that. The public would rather have good policy enacted by either side than a bunch of bad policies that both sides agree on. Just because something's bipartisan doesn't mean it's good. The war in Iraq was sadly authorized by members from both parties. Look where that got us.

Oh, I almost forgot -- still supports the war even though the American people don't. "We can’t hold our finger in the air or read public opinion polls to tell us where to go," you say. Thanks, supreme overlord. Since you were elected ot office you shouldn't feel compelled to check in on the will of the people ever.

You warn that a third party candidate might make things interesting in 2008. I assume you mean your pal and my mayor Michael Bloomberg since he has the money to sweep in at the last minute and launch a credible campaign. But I don't think he'll do it because in his heart of hearts he knows he'll lose. There's a lot about his so called "centrist" politics that won't play well with the population because centrism doesn't mean what you think it means -- it's not the middle point between extremes, it's the views that most people in America hold. Those are different things.

I hope you're talking about yourself running, though. I wanna see some more Joementum. Only the embarassment of getting crushed as a third party candidate on the biggest stage of them all will ever make you fucking think for once.

Finally, on civility in American politics: You can wad that civility into a pointy little ball and shove it. You keep reminding us that we're at war. I know it and I'm mad about it. So stop asking me to be nice about it while you completely ignore any point of view that's not in line with your own.

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