Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More War Years!

When he ran for re-election and lost hist own party primary, Joe Lieberman rather disputed the notion that voting for him was a vote for more war.

Now, he's publicly open to bombing Iran, since what we've done in Iraq has gone so well.

Given that Lieberman has been unapologetically wrong about well, everything involving us using force in the Middle East, why do his opinions on matters such as this even merit coverage?

Still, he gets to opine on such tooics and the rest of us, who are better informed and have better snese, do not.

Joe Lieberman is a liar. He said his candidacy didn't support more war and it does. He's an even worse liar because he supports new wars that aren't even being fought at the moment.

Joe Lieberman is a senator but he should be known as a scam artist. He doesn't seem to care a bit about public opinion, which wants the war in Iraq to end and doesn't want to start one in Iran, and that's bad enough. But he also defrauded the voters of Connecticut by claiming during the election that he was not a warmonger when he clearly is.


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