Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Unaccountability Dictionary

George Tenet, former CIA director and he of the "slam dunk" intelligence that justified the Bush administration's case for the Iraq war, is about to publish a book entitled At the Center of the Storm in which he attacks Dick Cheney and others (though not the President) for going to war with Iraq without a serious debate on whether or not Iraq actually, say, posed a threat.

There's a lot to be said about this but (see my post immediately below) it's already been said. "Today a former Bush administration official/federal prosecutor/Katrina victim/woman with functioning eyes and ears revealed that the Bush administration's glaring incompetence/contempt for the Constitution/half-secret desire to hasten Armaggedon has led the President and/or his top-level staff to invade/destroy/trample yet another country/right/box of puppies, but the President continues to maintain that he acted in the best interests of the nation and to stand firmly behind Don Rumsfeld/Alberto Gonzales/a compost heap that someone told him is Margaret Thatcher."

So, rather than pretending to be shocked that the administration bumbled blindly into Iraq armed with little more than a gas station map of Baghdad and a song in its heart (specifically, "America, Fuck Yeah!"), I'm simply going to point out an interesting lexical development made clear in Tenet's book. Tenent, who of course learns things before the rest of us, has begun to use words in the novel ways that they will incontrovertibly and imminently be used, or at least so the New York Times reports:
Mr. Tenet takes blame for the flawed 2002 National Intelligence Estimate about Iraq’s weapons programs, calling the episode “one of the lowest moments of my seven-year tenure.” He expresses regret that the document was not more nuanced, but says there was no doubt in his mind at the time that Saddam Hussein possessed unconventional weapons. “In retrospect, we got it wrong partly because the truth was so implausible,” he writes.
Implausible (adj.)--characterized by inconvenience of consequence.

See also Tenet: (n.) 1. an important belief or conviction held retroactively; 2. a person who holds such a belief or conviction

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