Monday, March 21, 2005

A New Columbine... A New National Freakout?

So, it's happened again, this time on what's described as a remote Indian reservation -- a discontented student, described as a goth, killed his grand parents, took his guns to his high school and, in a unique solution to the problem of metal detectors, rammed his pick-up truck into the entrance, shot a security guard, a teacher, five students and himself.

I'm skipping the necessary mourning period and gruesome details to cut right to the chase. Here's the telling quote in the "color" piece that I linked to: "Another school worker described Wiese as "a mixed-up kid who seemed lost in life. He wasn't into normal things that kids should be. But I work with a lot of mixed-up kids who don't shoot people."

A very smart school worker, really. I'm amazed that he or she had the presence of mind to point out that a lot of mixed up people don't do things like this.

But, as I remember the aftermath of Columbine, I remember a sense of persecution against abnormal kids -- seemed like every weird one was potentially dangerous, all of the sudden. And, they're not.

I mean, who reading this was really, "into normal things that kids should be."

Honestly, ten people are dead. It will have to be dealt with. But let's keep perspective going forward.


At 11:13 AM , Blogger adriana said...

I heard an interview on NPR last night with the head of tribal health on the reservation, and he was really calm and wouldn't fall for any of the blame game stuff that the reporter kept trying to do (was it race? was it poverty? was it Native American oppression?). He just kept reiterating that not everyone is like this, that everyone is having different feelings about it, and that he is not one to judge. He wouldn't speculate at all. It was really interesting and so different to hear someone speak so objectively.


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