Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hey Tom Delay... Bite Me!

Do we pay these people to insult us?

Look at what Tom Delay had to say about Michael Schiavo, a private citizen who has committed no crime:

"I don't have a whole lot of respect for a man that has treated this woman in this way," Delay said. "What kind of man is he?"

He's a man who, as a representative of the American federal government, that you're supposed to serve, Tom. It's okay for our representatives to disagree with private citizens and to express that disagreement, but those expressions should always be made with the respect that our government owes to its people. When last I checked, the people provide the government its power, after all.

And Delay... to insult a guy in a forum where he gets to response and where he's not around to take your head off over what you said... well, what kind of man are you? I'm gonna go with "cowardly bully."


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