Monday, March 21, 2005

Equal Treatment Under the Law

Well, if we've learned one thing this weekend, it's that your congress really works for you! Seriously, next time you have a problem, call your congressman immediately. Demand that the Senate and House meet in an emergency session to pass a law against whatever's bothering you, right away! It doesn't even have to be a matter of life and death, as it was this weekend. Congress is now in the business of passing laws that are meant to affect just one person (there are people in similar situations to Schiavo who are, for some reason, unaffacted by the Schiavo bill). If that's the way they want to govern... well, we're all entitled to equal treatment by our government officials. So make congress work for you! I think they're going to have to set up a hot line or something.


At 12:41 PM , Blogger E. Worthington, Editor said...

You know, your commentary on this legal case (which I am not competent to say anything about, as I know nothing about it) seems to be from a more conservative viewpoint. You react negatively to excessive government involvement, deplore excessive moves through different levels of the judicial system; in short, you seem to be sticking up in general for a more literal interpretation of the Constitution, which is typically, as I say, a conservative viewpoint. Correct me if I'm wrong.

In other words, do you define yourself as a liberal, or as someone who tries to find sense and justice in the world? I'd be interested to hear exactly how you would describe yourself.


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