Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hey, Don't Berger those Documents!

Seems that, when preparing his testimony for the 9-11 Commission, Sandy Berger, former National Security Advisor to Bill Clinton, accidentally took some classified docs from the National Archives. When the Archives called him saying "Um, did you take our classified documents?" Berger brought them back. Except for the ones, he... threw out or something. Pretty minor stuff, actually, and Berger's explanation seems totally understandable to me. I can just see him scribbling down "Bring home milk and bread" over some photocopy of an invoice from the "Iranian Uranium & Pet Supply Company," running his errand and then tossing the wadded up paper out onto the Beltway.

I kid, by the way. The documents at issue were not originals but, rather, notes taken by Berger and copies of original documents. Nothing is missing from the archives. It's not legal to copy or carry around notes taken from classified docs, by the way, but it's important to note that Berger didn't "make off" with anything and that the Archives are secure and intact.

But, now the FBI and perhaps a Federal Prosecutor are investigating.

I guess it's important, for some reason, to investigate every single person ever involved with Bill Clinton.

And, I'm sure that nobody in the Bush administration would ever do something like this. I mean, imagine the Bushies reading documents. Especially from the National Archives! That's like a library! And Libraries, we all know from reading the Patriot Act, are for commies and terrorists. So's reading.

Here's the story: apnews.myway.com/article/20040720/D83U6TIO0.html


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