Sunday, July 18, 2004

Corporate Greeheads

Check out this story in the NY Times today (requires free membership):

The gist of the piece is that despite an uptick in hiring, wages are not keeping pace with inflation. The author attributes this to a oversupply of labor, caused by 3 years of corporate downsizing. What he doesn't mention, and what should be a key issue in this year's presidential campaign is that wages are not keeping pace with inflation at a time where corporate profits are at record levels.

Yes, record levels. As in, the greedheads of America are making more money in 2004 then they ever made during the Great Stock Market Bubble. So, it's simple to infer, and Kerry should say, that the people actually doing the work to make all this money have been left out.

Or, a better way to put it: Bush's friends are richer than ever. So what about the rest of us?

Republicans would cry, "Class warfare!"

As if this very circumstance -- corporations thrive while the people that work there can't keep up -- wasn't the first salvo in that very war.


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