Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Today Show

All right, I have to admit that I have a Today Show addiction. I know I could get actual news from CNN in the mornings but something about Matt and Katie's antics is addictive. I love that while the other networks showed us the first footage of Saddam Hussein appearing in front of an Iraqi court, The Today Show gave us Katie Couric playing Badmitton with the U.S. Olympic Badmitton team.

I love that they wasted time a couple of days ago by having Katie interview Will Farrell in his "Ron Burgundy" character from his latest movie. The whole segment seemed unscripted, so it was a train wreck from the start as Farrell and Couric stared at each other, talking way too slowly, trying to fill the time left up to the next commercial break. Meanwhile, somewhere in Fallujah...

This morning, Katie interviewed the teenage author of some Harry Potter-like book. The author, whose name escapes me, is European. Katie symapthized with the young artist's plight, talking about how many struggling writers aspire to write "The Great American Novel." She caught herself, but... come on!


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