Tuesday, July 13, 2004

All Right, Forget Katie Couric, Christopher Hitchens is The Airhead

If you're really into uranium yellow cake from Niger, read this: slate.msn.com/id/2103795/

Heck, go read all of Christopher Hitchens' articles on Slate because they're free and at this point in Hitch's career, I'd never advise you to pay for his work. I say that with a mean spirit, I admit, but Hitch hasn't done anything good since his Harper's series where he accused Henry Kissinger of war crimes.

In more recent times, Hitchens had a public spat with his old magazine, The Nation, over the venerable but admittedly air-headed left wing magazine's refusal to take a hardline stance against Islamic fascism. Then, it seems Hitchens started hanging out with neocons. Hanging out with neocons over led to hanging out with Ahmed Chalabi, an Iraqi from Jordan who fled that country after he was convicted of bank fraud and then used State Department funds to attempt to overthrow Saddam Hussein during the 1990s. Under Clinton, the State Department determined that all Chalabi was doing was wasting U.S. taxpayer money and they cut him off. Bush took office and put Chalabi back on the government dole. Chalabi and his ilk, according to the most recent issue of the Columbia Journalism Review, are the main sources behind all of the Saddam/WMD talk that Dubya used to lead us into war.

Why am I talking about this when you really want to read about uranium yellow cake and how it's apparently rotted the brain of Chris Hitchens? If it seems off-topic, you're right. But then, within his article about Uranium Yellow Cake from Niger, Hitchens sways off topic to tell you how nice a guy Chalabi is. But we already know Chalabi's a fraud because everything he told us about Saddam's WMD turned out to be wrong. U.S. troops have since raided Chalabi's Baghdad office and he's suspected of giving U.S. intelligence information to Iran. Apparently, the information was that we broke some secret Iranian communications code. The Iranian agent was so skeptical of Chalabi's intelligence that he sent the information back to Tehran in the broken code and that's how we found out about it.

OK, so, to sum up Chalabi: Lied about Saddam's WMD, gave classified information to Axis of Evil member #2, not even trusted by them.

To sum up Hitch: Continues to love Chalabi and refuses to acknowledge that he was duped. Wrote recently that "history has been unkind to Michael Moore" but can't look in mirror for fear or irony touching anti-irony and an explosion resulting.

To sum up Uranium Yellow Cake from Niger: Bush said Saddam tried to buy it. He didn't. Whole thing was based on phony documents. U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson investigated, helped figure out the claim was phony. Angry White House staffer or perhaps Dick Cheney retaliates by telling right wing columnist Robert Novak that the ambassador's wife is an under cover CIA agent. I don't care if spooks have their covers blown, actually. But this is one juvenile White House.

Conclusion: Hitchens = dumb. Saddam = No WMD. Chalabi = Slimeball. And finally, just imagine if that whole Uranium Yellow Cake thing had happened under Clinton. Why, they might have impeached him over it.


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