Monday, July 19, 2004

Fight, CBS! Fight!

I'll rarely back a huge corporation on this page but I was pleased to read today that Viacom co-President Leslie Moonves has vowed to fight any FCC fines levied against the network over the Janet Jackson Superbowl Nipplegate thing. The FFC and Michael "Prudie" Powell have taken this whole issue way too far.

Still, I have to take issue with one thing Moonves said: "It seems to be a fairly easy issue, because who out there isn't against indecency?"

Mr. Moonves, I'm out here and I am not against indecency. I'm all for it and will gladly sell you indecent ideas for which I have no further use. Seriously, call me. I got yer hook-up!


At 9:32 AM , Blogger tifanie said...

I love indecency. I thrive on it. Without indecency, there is little to make the blood boil, the temperature rise, the heart quicken. Indecency is beautiful. If the world becomes too "decent" we will soon become extinct, as people will become too polite and mundane to remember how to get it on. BRING ON THE NIPPLES!


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