Monday, February 04, 2008

Is Hillary an Opportunist?

Is it down to Barack the idealist vs. Hillary the opportunist? Well, my fellow blogger Jon makes a good point about Hillary's Iraq war vote, which was clearly a vote of political expedience. It is hard to watch her claim that she didn't think George W. of all people, wouldn't rush to war as soon as he got the authorization. She was just afraid to be on the wrong side of it. What if it turned out to be a quick war that ended with us finding a bunch of uranium in Baghdad? That's how people were thinking at the time.

I'm not proud of Hillary on that point.

She's an opportunist. It's true. But, I think she has ideals too. I doubt anyone would disagree.

Now here's the truth about Obama -- he's an opportunist too. He's the product of the dirty Chicago political system, and he'll allow an antigay gospel singer to campaign for him, or he'll no-show women's rights votes just the same way Hillary would.

Obama is an opportunist too, but he pretends to be a pure idealist.

Hillary is a player who says "you can trust that my ideals will have me mostly playing for the right team." Obama doesn't even want you to know that he's playing, but he is.

I have to admit that I'm kind of annoyed that Obama is able to somehow credibly claim to be "above it all" when he most definitely isn't.


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