Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Republican Front Runner's Platform

Less jobs and more wars.

It's very amusing how much the Republican press and punditry hate McCain.

And deeply disturbing that they're right about his platform and that the mainstream media continues to love him anyway.


At 10:56 AM , Blogger Jon E. said...

McCain has been taking a beating for saying this: "I’ve got to give you some straight talk: Some of the jobs that have left the state of Michigan are not coming back."

But, seriously, who disagrees with that? Are we really going to have an election in which voters select the Presidential candidate who runs on the platform of building an exact replica of the starship Enterprise 1701-D and slingshotting it around the sun to travel back to 1976 in order to get Detroit to take quality, fuel economy, and affordability more seriously? (And/or to blow up the Toyota and Datsun plants?)

I don't think either McCain meant that no jobs were coming back to Michigan, just that THOSE jobs weren't. Makes sense to me. If you're voting for jobs, vote for the candidate whose plan seems most likely to create new, well-paying jobs in sustainable, growth industries. Not for the candidate who has a plan to prepare America for the twentieth century.

And if you work for the military-industrial complex, then McCain's your candidate, maybe as much as Bush. Personally, I'd prefer to vote for whoever's going to encourage a boom in school construction, in infrastructure renewal, and in converting prisons to office space and artists' colonies. But that's just me.


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