Thursday, November 08, 2007

Waterboarding Can't Be Torture!

Mike Mukasey, who refused to answer the simple question (with an obvious answer) about whether or not waterboarding is torture, is our new attorney general. Idiots like Chuck Schumer (D-NY) aided this travesty.

Obviously, tying some one down and convincing them they will drown, is torture. It's an easy question.

Mukasey refused to answer it.

The following is an excerpt from a press release just sent from Arlen Specter's office that explains everything. Specter is praising the confirmation. But in his praise, he accidentally damns:

"Now, I do believe there were reasons Judge Mukasey did not express a judgment on waterboarding as being torture, although candidly it would have been my preference if he had done so, if he had agreed with my vote on the subject. But Judge Mu

asey said in written responses that he believed he could not make that pronouncement without placing people at risk to be sued or perhaps even criminally prosecuted. We know a few weeks ago, former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was in Paris at a time when people sought legal process against him. It was unclear whether it was a criminal procedure or a civil procedure. But we do know that many nations are exercising extraterritorial jurisdiction when they may consider conduct to be a violation of the law against humanity."

This is Specter's argument... the new attorney general of the United States should not have had to say whether or not he thought an activity was a crime because... if he did... the people who committed that crime might be prosecuted for it.

Well... I guess they're the "law and order" party. "Ain't a law if it messes up our order!"


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