Sunday, May 13, 2007

The BS Express

John McCain is on "Meet the Press," right now. He just said that anyone in congress who is against the war should defund the troops and demand they come home.

Thanks for the friendly advice, John.

Everyone who feels that the war should end now knows the truth -- Bush would simply allocate other government resources to keeping his war going and the whole thing would wind up in a supreme court battle about who has the power to do what. Democrats would be painted as "against the troops" while the battle is played out and even if Bush lost in the Supreme Court he'd have been able to extend the war by months while fighting his case.

Instead of following McCain's bad advice, what war opponents are trying to do right now is to legislate an end to the war in a timely and orderly manner. What we want is to fund the war towards an end and that end is our withdrawal. Anti-war members of government are offering a reasonable path towards ending the war without either precipitous withdrawal or the Bush option, which can best be translated as "war without end."


At 8:40 AM , Blogger Jon E. said...

Did he also suggest that all his fellow Republican candidates "just go ahead and, before the primary, tell the American people the five absolute worst things you've ever done (with pictures) so that they'll get to know you human beings"?


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