Friday, June 16, 2006

Dismissing Daily Show Viewers

Media Matters once again calls out Bill O'Reilly for trying to dismiss Daily Show watchers as a bunch of slacking stoners. As Media Matters has pointed out in the past, studies have shown that Daily Show fans are both better educated and more affluent than viewers of both mainstream news and of "The O'Reilly Factor."

But, that's an old argument. What strikes me most about the Media Matters post is O'Reilly's treatment of Stewart... he criticizes him and says he goes to far but, before doing so, he qualifies his opinion by saying that Stewart is, indeed, smart, funny and talented and that he likes the guy. I'm glad to hear O'Reilly be so honest (he should like Stewart personally, as both have appeared on each other's shows) but I also think the disclaimers are very revealing -- it means that O"Reilly knows he's going after a big dog that might bite back and, in the context of chat show arguing, reveals that O'Reilly knows he's not the alpha male when Stewart is around.

UPDATE ON LAST POST: The form letter I got from Senator Schumer's office rather promises some sort of substantive response to my letter asking him to support whichever candidate wins the primary in Connecticut. So, he promised to reply. Now, we'll see if he does so before the August vote and if offers any substantive response.


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