Saturday, May 27, 2006

Might I Suggest a Better Flap?

Read the post below this one, it's more substantive. But, can't resist chiming in on this issue... Apparently, conservative blogger Jonah Goldberg has proven that Al Gore is a liar because, while in Cannes for the debut of his new movie, he said that when he was fifteen he spent some time in France studying Sartre and Camus while a lot of biographies about Gore have him working on a family farm when he was 15. Gore's a liar! The 59 year old apparently didn't quite remember when he took a teenage trip to France to study Sartre! Nobody denies, by the way, that Gore did, indeed, take a teenage trip to France to study Sartre. This is just stupid.

So... I suggest a new, more important debate. Gore knows who Sartre and Camus are and read and discussed their works in French (something I haven't done because I can't read French and certainly can't debate existentialism in that language). So... does Bush even know who Camus and Sartre are? Has he ever even read a passage, even in translation like I have to, of either of their works? If he hasn't, doesn't that make him an ignoramous? Let's make a scandal out of that. At least that would involve, you know, reading.


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