Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Summer National Security Fashion News

Remember those très chic flip-flops that were simply everywhere at last summer's frolicksome Republican National Convention? Well, my pretties, word on the coture cobblestones is that in a daring gesture of fastforward retro a major mover-and-shaker from the elephant kingdom is bringing them back for summer '05.

Our flashin'-forward fashion-forward fellah is such a bigwig that the Donald himself can't compete with the power or the wig, and our bigwig is bringing back everybody's favorite sandal with a sunroof in reference to one Mr. Karl Rove, the deputy White House Chief of Staff who everybody loves to watch strut that runway. I can't name any names--national security, my chickadees, national security--so I'll call this mystery man "First Lady Laura Bush's husband."

Anyhoo, it turns out that last June, First Lady Laura Bush's husband said that he would positively usher curbward any naughty White House employee who had leaked Valerie Plame's name to the press: Flip! Since then, the leak involvement of the fetching K-Rove has gone from "ridiculous" to "probable," and First Lady Laura Bush's husband had put that bigwigged brainbox to reevaluating the sitch. In fact, just a couple days ago FLLBH said that he would only fire a naughty employee who had broken the law, not just leaked a name. FLLBH told reporters that this was indeed an eensy-weensy change of policy: Flop!

Stay tuned here for updates as fashion dictates.


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