Sunday, July 10, 2005

OMG, Oliver Stone is making a 9-11 movie!

Let's all whine and panic!

It's Oliver Stone! He's scary to us! He knows Fidel Castro! He's cruh-azy!


I'd go on about how the anti-Stone crowd is a little silly but James Wolcott takes them out with style and verve right here.

Also, sorry to my actor friends, but as a sometime playwright and sometime director, I really laughed at this great line in his article: "Actors say a lot of things during and after a movie that bear little relation to what the writer or director intend or the actuality of the finished product, actors' interpretations are as loose and plentiful as spaghetti..."

Everybody pull out your old High School speech scripts and repeat after me: "It's not spaghetti, it's linguini!"


At 6:53 PM , Anonymous Jon said...

In the same article you link to, Wolcott points out that Captain Crunch is chunking sugar-coated breakfasty goodness into his drawers over Steven Spielberg's new movie about the aftermath of the 1972 PLO bombings of the Israeli Olympic village in Berlin. Apparently, CC objects to the possibility that SS might make the film's tagline "Vengeance never works."

You're right, CC--SS is crazy. Vengeance always works. Some crazy PLO mofos blew up the Israeli athletes in 1972, so Israel tracked the mofos down and took them out. And, as we all know, that ended PLO terrorism then and there. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Steven "I'm a Commie Raghead" Spielberg.

As a total historical side note, I should point out that the only thing that would have worked better to put an end not just to PLO terrorism but to ALL Islamist terrorism would've been Israel invading Uganda in 1972. See, brutal dictator Idi Amin had just seized power the year before, and Israel and Britain started to think maybe they shouldn't be supplying him with weapons, what with his despotism and all. So they cut him off. But, as we all know, sanctions don't work, ever. (There's your new tagline, Spielberg, you anti-Semite--"Sanctions never work.") So if the Israelis had simply toppled Amin in 1972, they could have ended Islamist terrorism then and there, instead of the US having to do it 35 years later by invading Iraq.

(Actually, I have to admit that's a bad analogy: Amin actually did have real ties to the PLO. Saddam only saw al-Qaeda on CNN. And even that was only, like, a couple times while he was surfing channels until the Red Shoe Diaries came on Cinemax.)


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