Tuesday, November 02, 2004

One more, quickly while counting

1:24 am and we're down to Ohio and Bush is ahead by 100,000 plus. Here's the Kerry victory scenario... The remaining votes bring Bush's lead down to near 50,000. The 200,000 provisional ballots are counted and they break for Kerry. Kerry wins Ohio. Only hope for this scenario is that Ohio had provisional ballots in 2000 and 90% of them were counted.

Caveat: Kerry trails Bush by 3% of the national popular vote. It's really unthinkable for him to win the electoral college from so far behind.

I'm tempted to start thinking about why he lost rather than if he lost.


At 7:50 AM , Blogger Missy said...

I agree - I think Kerry has lost this one and he probably needs to concede today. We don't need a drawn out fight. Our nation is polarized enough. As I see it, Republicans won on 2 fronts - they were better at getting out the votes and they were better and scaring people with "morality" issues. People went to the voting booths on their moral high horse with their bibles on their sleeves. Well I don't know how we'll make it through another 4 years of this crap but at least The Daily Show will keep me laughing through my tears.


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