Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Quickly, while the votes are counted...

Looks like the exit polls were too optimistic.

Obviously, we're not done yet.

Talkingpointsmemo reports that the "youth vote" didn't show up. What the Hell? I can understand ignoring Mr. Diddy Combs, but, the animated Eminimem "Mosh" video wasn't enough for you kids? Talkingpoints also reports that Republicans are putting up legal challenge after legal challenge in Ohio, delaying voting even where people are standing on line. As Josh Marshall, the guru behind my favorite blog points out, delays cause people to leave.

CNN's report from the Kerry camp offer up a dour mood. They say they can still win and, even losing Florida (which, they probably will) they can.

But... at midnight eastern time, Kerry is the underdog.

Still,Kerry's witin striking distance. Florida would have made it a lock. But... this election won't be decided by the President's brother. There are still alternate scenarios.


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