Monday, September 06, 2004

The Cracks in Iraqi Democracy

Big scoop in the LA Times this morning that calls our commitment to Iraqi Democracy into question. Some major hot spots, like Fallujah, where resistance fighters are known to hang out and which is also suspected of being the center of explosives manufacturing for rebels in the entire country, might not be allowed to vote in Iraq's January elections.

Certainly, there's some practical thinking going on here -- if the US or Iraqi provisional governments can't create order in a city like Fallujah, how can you hold an election? How will you know that voters aren't being intimidated by extremist fighters? These are good questions.

But, there are other good questions to ask: How can you call it a nationwide election if large urban centers aren't allowed to vote? Isn't it convenient for the U.S. that a place like Fallujah, which might swing toward candidates who are not exactly favored by the U.S. government, are excluded? Is this truly a security issue or is it an example of gerrymandering in Iraq?

Are we bringing democracy to Iraq or just the appearance of democracy?

The LA Times Article is here:,1,4277412.story?coll=la-home-headlines

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