Saturday, September 04, 2004

Just a Hunch about a Second Bush Term...

If Bush is re-elected his second term will be plagued by a scandal of Iran-Contra proportions. I've been reading a bit about the first Gulf War recently and it's interesting to note that the plans for Iraq in the early 1990s never called for Democracy there. Indeed, the first Bush administration seemed to prefer a Saddam Hussein style system with some one other than Saddam in the strongman role.

This calls into question Bush Jr.'s commitment to Democracy in Iraq. There's no way, of course, that the U.S. will ever let Iraqi Democracy threaten our own interests. So, Iraqi candidates who would take a meaningful, adversarial stance towards the U.S. will have to be destroyed. It won't do, of course, for the U.S. government to simply expose credibility-threatening scandals against these people. They'll have to use clients in the region for that. Perhaps... Iran?

Currently, members of the Pentagon and of Dick Cheney's office are subject to an investigation that's looking into whether or not classified U.S. information has been passed to the Iranians (through disgraced, former Pentagon employee Ahmed Chalabi) and whether or not classified information about Iran has been passed on to the Israeli.

Are operatives in the White House and Pentagon setting up quid pro quo relationships that will eventually be useful in controlling Democracy in Iraq? Clearly, I don't have a lick of evidence or even a clear idea about what might be happening -- I'm just starting to wonder.


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