Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Mary Cheney, Alan Keyes and Cowardly Dick

Mary Cheney, the Vice President's out-as-a-lesbian daughter didn't show up for Cheney's post-speech photo op at the Republican National Convention this evening. I'm sure an excuse will be forthcoming, but here's my theory:

Yesterday, Alan Keyes, the Republican carpet bagger handpicked by the Republicans to lose the Illinois Senate race to Barack Obama got on Sirius satellite radio and called all homosexuals "selfish hedonists." When asked if that included Mary Cheney, Keyes said, "That goes by definition. Of course she is."

Dick Cheney didn't say a word about it. Remember, this is the Vice President who walks around the Capitol saying "go fuck yourself" to rivals. But when Alan freaking Keyes, who has no chance of beating Obama and who is a joke in the Republican party attacks Cheney's flesh and blood... Cheney goes silent. Well, no surprise that Mary didn't show up for Daddy's photo op after Daddy so bravely failed to defend her from public attack.

Here's a question, though... if Cheney can't even muster the cajones to defend his daughter, where does he get the gall to claim he's man enough to defend the country?


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