Monday, August 23, 2004

Bush Didn't Understand McCain-Feingold!

McCain-Feingold is the election finance legislation that President George Bush signed and that added regulations ending certain "soft" money donations for use by parties in political campaigns. It is also the law that created the infamous "527" loophole that allows for people to set up political non-profits that can run issue ads during campaigns, so long as those non-profits don't coordinate with any candidate's campaign.

The loophole exists because we have something called "Freedom of Speech" which is considered an important right (more important, even, than the right to own guns!)

But, whatever you think of 527s... Bush, criticized for not being too bright, didn't understand McCain-Feingold when he signed it! Here's the proof, from the President's [press conference today:

"QUESTION: But why won't you denounce the charges that your supporters are making against Kerry?

BUSH: I'm denouncing all the stuff being on TV, all the 527s. That's what I've said.

I said this kind of unregulated soft money is wrong for the process. And I asked Senator Kerry to join me in getting rid of all that kind of soft money, not only on TV, but to use for other purposes as well.

I, frankly, thought we'd gotten rid of that when I signed the McCain-Feingold bill. I thought we were going to once and for all get rid of a system where people could just pour tons of money in and not be held to account for the advertising.

And so, I'm disappointed with all those kinds of ads."

Mr. President... you see... you have to read the bills before you sign them into law! Or, at least, get some one to read them and explain them to you, like Condi does with your newspapers in the morning.


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