Sunday, September 21, 2008

The True Face of Hubris

Goldmand Sachs and Morgan Stanley were, until recently, too good to take your deposits. They didn't need your checking account. They only wanted to deal with members of the "investor class" and that meant people with enough money left over every two weeks that they could buy stocks in taxable accounts.

But now... they suddenly want your deposits.

Don't do it, unless they pay a huge amount of interest, something north of 7%. They only want your money so that they can put it on their balance sheet as an asset. They want to seem innocent about it since your deposits are insured by tyhe government but make no mistake -- they want your money so they can shore up against all of the idiotic mortgages and consumer debt that they bought and packaged for resale but couldn't resell.

Just remember what these banks did. Every time you had to buy something on credit because you didn't have the cash, they registered your debt, packaged it with other debt and tried to sell it to a hedge fund. Now that nobody's buying, they want you to deposit money with them in order to... yep... back the very debt that you owe them and that they're trying to sell.

I have a better idea. You own my debt, Goldman Sachs? Then sell it to me. At market price. Which is 20 cents on the dollar at most.

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