Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just a Reminder

As Lehmann topples and Fannie & Freddie go under government supervision, let's remember that Maverick Reformer (TM) John McCain knows a thing or two about bad banking decisions and expensive bailouts.

Specifically, he knows that if you put $360k into a a buddy's strip mall, if you make and fail to disclose $13k in trips to your buddy's houses (some in the Bahamas), and if he raises $112k for your campaign war chest, you should go out of your way to make sure that he gets "a fair hearing" from bank regulators looking into his corrupt and collapsing Savings and Loan.

A Senate ethics committee later exonerated McCain of impropriety and gross negligence but did say that he'd shown poor judgment. (McCain's the guy who says that what separates him from Obama is his judgment, remember. I guess he was complimenting Obama when he said that.)

It's been twenty years since then McCain became one of the Keating Five. And since then, having learned his lesson from getting caught up in a massive and expensive exercise in banking fraud, corruption, and financial mismanagement, he has gone on to display his Maverick Reforming zeal by, uh, letting the same thing happen again without a peep from the Senate floor?


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