Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fiscal Responsibility

John McCain says that what he likes most about Sarah Palin is that she put a private jet that the previous governor had purchased on auction at eBay and that she sold it "for a profit."

But the truth is, yes, she p[ut it up for sale on eBay but like many an eBay merchant has learned, putting a product on the site doesn't mean somebody will buy it, especially at the price you're asking.

Palin sold a jet that copst $2.7 million to an Alaskan business man for $2.1 million.

So is it really so admirable to lose $600,000 on your own petulant hissy fit at the governor before you?

Finally, is the media going to just allow McCain to claim, unchallenged, that Palin "sold the plain on eBay for a profit?" Does the truth matter or is it another case of "It's Okay if You're a Republican?"

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