Friday, August 03, 2007

Tancredo to Attack Mecca

Seriously, Tom Tancredo thinks that the best way to deter a terrorist attack in the US is to use the threat of attacking Mecca and Medina, holy sites in Saudi Arabia.

Now that's the kind of thought that will win over the Arab street!

What strikes me as funny about it, though is that Tancredo has inadvertently stumbled onto the right targets. No, I'm not advocating bombing religious sites. But one old and legitimate criticism of our foreign policy has been that we have bombed and invaded countries like Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan that have been guilty of crimes that Saudi Arabia's government has also committed. And yet, we love Saudi Arabia.

To sum up, Tancredo is retarded and his ideas are dangerous. But from the mouths of the mentally challenged, sometimes a truth emerges. The truth is that we've always given the Saudis a pass that we don't give to other countries. Not only have we never gone to war against Saudi Arabia, but we have gone to war for them (the first Gulf War wasn't for Kuwait, it was to make sure that Saudi Arabia wasn't Saddam's next target).


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