Monday, July 23, 2007

Atlas, Eh?

In Washington. D.C. lawmakers are currently proposing to tax hedge fund manager's income at the same rates as everyone else. Top earners would pay up to 36%, like other wealthy people, rather than the 15% they pay now, which is what lower middle class taxpayers play. They were given this tax break because, without hedge fund managers, the world would collapse.

It's given me an idea for a novel.

"Atlas, Eh?" by Mike M.

The world's hedge fund managers go on strike and a restaurant in Greenwich, Ct. is forced to stop charging $400 for truffle-infused entres. The global economy is effected in myriad ways, none of which will be documented but which will be mentioned many times on the Op-Ed pages of the Wall Street Journal. Soon, spring turns to summer and summer to autumn. Other things go on, as usual.

I feel it will be a philosophical Tour de France because I plan to make it 800 pages long. And it will have lots of speeches. Or, lots of speeches. And you will wonder just "Who has such gall?"


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