Sunday, June 10, 2007

Us and What Army?

When Senator Joe Lieberman (CT - Connecticut for Lieberman) won re-election last year he did so by falsely claiming that a vote for him was not a vote for more war. Now the Senator thinks we should use military force against Iran.

There's lots of "attack Iran" talk these days, both to stop them from supporting elements of the insurgency in Iraq and to stop them from developing weapons of mass destruction.

I'm going to leave aside the argument about whether or not we should attack Iran, or even whether or not an attack on Iran would advance our interests or achieve what we'd want it to achieve. In fact, I'll grant both for the purposes of this discussion. We should attack Iran and an attack would end Iran's meddling in Iraq and demolish its nuclear ambitions. It would even lead to the Iranian government falling to be replaced by a friendly, moderate, enduring democratically elected government. It would create utopia.

Doesn't matter. We don't have the troops! An air war won't be enough and we have no ground troops that we could deploy because they're all busy in Iraq and Afghanistan. So even if attacking Iran would make the world's wildest dreams come true, it's not worth discussing because we aren't capable of doing it and the Iraq quagmire, which Lieberman supports, is why.

It amazes me that we have this "what to do about Iran?" discussion without facing the reality that our armed forces are stretched too thin to be of any use.

Another thing we don't discuss: Do the American people want another war right now? I know that people like Lieberman don't care what the general population wants but shouldn't the press? Shouldn't one big question be: "Given that the American people don't like the war in Iraq and want it to end, what makes you think they want a new war with Iran?"

The facts about Iran right now are these: We don't have the will and we don't have the power. If Lieberman, Cheney and their neocon enablers can get us into yet another war during Bush's lame duck period then we'll know for sure that our democracy is failing and that a realistic use of our volunteer armed forces and any deference at all towards the will of the people are ideals that our government can't meet.


At 1:20 PM , Blogger Jon E. said...

And Lieberman, known to halflings and men of the West as Joementum and to Elvenkind as Delussionel, took then his leave of the Princess of Rohan and rode straight on without stopping for the Paths of the Dead, with thirty of the Neocons of the North (known to Men as Chickenhawks). And though the way was fraught with peril and men and women shuddered to see them enter the gates barred by the wicked dead of the mountain, Lieberman and his doughty men did not flinch, and in the mountain he redeemed the pledge of the oathbreaking dead, who followed him east to the besieged city of Minas Israel. Lieberman, Ranger of the North, was mighty that day in battle, slaying enemies by the score but not even he laid low a tithe's tithe of the thousands slain by the stopless hosts of the dead, who slashed apart all mortal flesh that gave them combat.

Without so much as stopping to burn the bodies of his vanquished foes, Lieberman led forth his army of ghosts into the East, unto the very gates of Irandor, above which the sleepless Eye looked, an Eye which for the first time in an Age of men knew fear.

So intent on the coming of Lieberman was the great Eye that it did not look within its own guarded kingdom and note the scarce perceptible approach of two halflings, who bore with them the sacred Flame of Freedom (known to the elves as Exxon), which had only to touch the heart of Mount Iran to spread freedom throughout Middle Earth and undo all the evil works of the Enemy, crashing his mighty fortresses as dust to the earth that they had so long oppressed with their wicked weight.

At 7:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...We should attack Iran and an attack would end Iran's meddling in Iraq and demolish its nuclear ambitions. It would even lead to the Iranian government falling to be replaced by a friendly, moderate, enduring democratically elected government...."

See I told you, your generation is so sick, that bombing a country comes so easliy out of your mouth, even if it is a an impossibility. Your atomic bomb drops in Japan so inflated your ego that you lost it since then. No wonder the Americans are the most hated in the world today. All misdeeds come back to bite you really hard.

At 10:47 PM , Blogger Jon E. said...

Do we have to keep allwarisbad's comments on this blog? Either it's a particularly snarky spambot or somebody with neither fairness nor irony detection software.


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