Sunday, April 15, 2007

What Do We Want? A Better Slogan!

So I went to a Step It Up rally in Chicago yesterday. Lots of earnest and bland speakers with a pleasantly chipper woman doing MC duties. Readers of this blog will know that I'm all in favor of cutting carbon emissions and not above a bit of bland earnestness myself, but it became clear that Step It Up urgently needs a better slogan. This doesn't cut it:
EMCEE: What will we do?
CROWD: Step it up!
EMCEE: What do we want?
CROWD: Cut carbon emissions!
EMCEE: When do we want it?
CROWD: Eighty percent by 2050.

Nope. When you're trying to get several hundred pepole to chant in unison, a slogan like "We discourage a foreign policy that requires people to die to ensure our petroleum supply" doesn't quite have the punch of "No blood for oil."

So, if anybody can think of a better chant, please post it here.

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