Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Weather Report

So after a mildly insomniac night, I woke up this morning, April 11, and staggered into the street to move the car before I got a street cleaning ticket.

And I discovered this morning, April 11, that before moving the car I would have to scrape off the half-inch of snow that had accumulated on it during the night (April 11).

The semi-strident, didactic blogger in me wants to point out that global warming doesn't mean the planet will be a little bit warmer everywhere but rather that a generally warmer planet means disrupted and unfamiliar weather patterns that might well include the half-inch of snow I found on my car this morning, April 11. The sad, sun-seeking part of me, however, just wants to say that it just snowed on April 11. Goddamnit.


UPDATE: Two and a half hours later, it's still April 11 and still snowing. Great, fat insolent flakes. Chicago, you are a spiteful beast.

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