Friday, September 16, 2005

Who's Responsible?

I've seen a lot of arguments, lately, by those who want to absolve the Bush Administration for screwing up the Katrina response, that point out that the Red Cross was ready to move into New Orleans but was stopped by local beauracracy, or that Canada sent help but was stopped by locally controlled Homeland Security people, or whatever. This is all meant to pin the blame on the locals, instead of the feds.

The Red Cross is an admirable orgranization and their staff and volunteers do amazing, amazing work. They care when others don't.

But, let's not forget that none of us ever elected The Red Cross to do anything. They're good people who act on their own. Its members are heroic for acting, at risk to themselves, when other people, organizations and government don't care. They're to be respected and to be held up as examples of how to be human, among other humans.

But they're not to be the first thing we count on. Our government is the organization obliged by our social contract, by the taxes we pay and the laws we obey, to swiftly and competently supply for our needs during an emergency. To argue that The Red Cross might have done this or might have done that is silly. The Red Cross does what it does and we appreciate what they do and forgive what they can't. The government, on the other hand, is an institution that we can and should expect things from. It is, after all, oru government, bound to serve us and to help us when we're in need. That's why we have a government in the first place. I've not doubt made it clear that I think private charities are great. But it's the government that is supposed to represent us, serve us and martial the forces and resources necessary to solve the problems that we can't.


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