Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cheap (and Early) Shots

Okay, so it turns out that Johnson & Johnson has had success in early trials using a drug called dapoxetine to prevent premature ejaculation. No word on whether company researchers tested one or both Johnsons.

Also, and I swear I heard this on Marketplace (though it isn't yet in their archives), that Pfizer and Merck are both planning to start work on their own premature ejaculation drugs. Merck's honest-to-god motto: "Where the customer comes first."

Yup, high-quality, highbrow social commentary. That's why you read this blog.


At 5:18 PM , Blogger Ideasculptor said...

Reminds me of the sign visible in one of the Roman scenes in 'The History of the World, Part 1." Only the left half of the sign is visible, but it looks something like this:

"Tonight 8pm - Roman Orgy...
First Served, First..."


At 7:31 AM , Blogger Mike M. said...

I just hope they don't rush these products to market! They need to relax, take it easy, not worry so much about getting the pills onto the shelves, it'll happen when it happens... Great, now I'm already done shopping. What did I tell you, Merck? What did I tell you? I'm leaving you for Astra Zeneca.


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