Friday, March 04, 2005

When Editor's Go on Holiday

One tough thing about being a journalist is that there's a temptation to write some rather, well, stupid things. To wit, MSNBC's story about the death of a 22 pound lobster notes:

"A gigantic lobster that may have survived two world wars and Prohibition before being plucked from the ocean will live on — but only as a shell of its former self."

Huh? Okay, surviving the World Wars, maybe that means something. But how in the heck did Prohibition pose a threat to a darned crustacean? I'd think it helped, actually. You can't eat a lobster without having at least one glass of wine. It'd be uncivilized.

Sorry for lack of posts lately and then for coming out of the silence with this gem.

Been thinking of new topics. You're all bored with Social Security, right? You all get that I'm against privatization, I gather.

So... the next topic will be the Middle East and... was Dubya right?


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