Friday, February 25, 2005

Arthur Miller/Forbes on Fox

Forbes on Fox tomorrow (Fox News, 11 am eastern) has taped and they're doing a segment of my design. I finally get to argue, in a public forum, that we should open our borders to more immigrants in order to fix any problems in the Social Security system. We need more workers. There are many who want to live here. It was lively.

Now, awhile back, Terry Teachout of the Wall Street Journal wrote a nasty piece in the wake of playwright Arthur Miller's death. I let it slide, figuring Miller's legacy is safe from an article headlined "Arthur Miller -- the Great Pretender." One Wall Street Journal reader didn't let it slide. He wrote a great little letter which I'm just going to type in for you all because it's worth reading:

Critic's Bad Manners

On the occasion of Arthur Miller's death, your drama critic Terry Teachout calls Miller a fraud, a "pretender" without important ideas or the ability to express them. I would like to make the following observations: First, I don't know who Terry Teachout is, but it is possible to read a lot about drama without encountering his name. Second, people with manners do not criticize the dead; Mr. Teachout's comments are a personal attack, not literary criticism. Finally, Mr. Teachout calls Miller pretentious and then proceeds to quote himself in a negative review of Miller, as if this substantiates his opinion. Isn't that, well, pretentious?

David Schlossberg
Merion, PA

Well said, David. Well said.


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