Friday, March 11, 2005

Bankruptcy Bill Passes, Lieberman Votes "Nay" but...

The bankruptcy bill, which protects millionaires but leaves average people stuck in debt, passed the senate today. Turncoat Joe Lieberman voted against it. BUT, he voted for "cloture" which is what sent the bill to the floor of the Senate for a straight up and down vote in the first place. Now, Joe damned well knew that the bill would pass in a straight up and down vote. Hell, there are people in Surinam, with no interest in American politics at all who knew what was going to happen. Anybody who really opposed the bill, doing simple match about the Republican majority in the Senate, knew that the bill could only be defeated by courageous obstruction while it was still being debated and still open to substantive ammendment.

Last time this bill came around, New York Senator Chuck Shumer added a clever ammendment that would require anti-choice abortion protesters who had broken the law and been fined, to pay their judgments even if they went bankrupt. That ammendment killed the bill. By voting for cloture, which means that the bill went to a straight yay or nay vote with no ammendments, Joe Lieberman voted for the bill, no matter what he did afterwards. Yes, it's all stupid Senate procedural stuff I'm writing about, but... that stupid procedural stuff matters. In fact, that stupid procedural stuff is the weapon of the minority party and Joe damned well knows it. So, whatever he says, Joe voted for this bill. He helped pass it. Never forget that.

Lieberman isn't the only turncoat Democrat to vote for cloture, or who helped this bill pass. I'm singling him out because, as a former vice presidential nominee, and as a former candidate for President, he is a national, rather than local, figure. He owes us more than this. Joe, who's side are you on? Just be honest, Joe. I actually like people who's convictions differ from mine... when they admit it.


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